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Trying to decide between a few different Dance and Music Schools?

Knoxville’s Only Studio to be Ranked in the Top 50 in the United States!

If you are looking for music and dance classes in West Knoxville, Farragut, Bearden, and North Knoxville, Powell, Halls, Karns or Fountain City, you have come to the right place.   Since 1997 over 4600 students have taken dance or music lessons at our two different locations, more than at any other studio in West and North Knoxville. We started as a very small school but have grown to become the largest dance and music school in Knoxville. Besides dance lessons with classes in tap, classical ballet, jazz, and hip hop, tumble for dancers and jumps/leaps/turns class , we also have music lessons featuring private instruction: voice lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, keyboard lessons, violin,viola, cello lessons, bass lessons, ukulele lessons, banjo, saxophone, flute, clarinet. and several other instruments. In addition, we now offer preschool music classes at both our West Knoxville and North Knoxville locations.  We have music lessons and dance classes at a variety of times so that you can book classes for different children at the same time to save you hours of driving and waiting time.

We offer private music lessons and we have regular low pressure recitals that students can perform in if they wish.  Our music teachers are very experienced in catering to the needs of new students .  Our year end dance recitals are held at the beautiful 2500 seat Knoxville Civic Auditorium.  We have exciting, professional and entertaining performances in our Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop show. That is why more families in Knoxville and the surrounding areas trust us for dance and music instruction each year more than any other music school or dance studio.

We do not believe we are the best because we’re the biggest. Instead, we believe we’re the biggest because families think we are the best. Click here to see and hear what our students and parents are saying.

As a parent we realize you have a choice between several different dance and music schools. All studios are not the same. We constantly renovate and improve our facilities and provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure we are always providing our students and parents with the best experience possible.

Today, as in 1997 there are several different studios to choose from. We invite you to compare all of the features and options to see why our studio has been chosen more than any other dance and music school.

Brand new to dance classes or music lessons?
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