Int. pointe class powell

“AFS Intermediate pointe class from the North location absolutely blows me away, not just with their dancing, but with their generosity of spirit. We were working on some very difficult coda material that not all could execute immediately and these girls were cheering each other on, encouraging and rallying, and so excited for each of their classmates at each success. It was an absolutely wonderful way to end the day and a lovely opportunity to see some of our students embody the qualities of teamwork, community and kindness that is the culture of Angela Floyd Schools.” – Miss Jessie

Angela Floyd Schools CULTURE

*Family First *Positive Role Models * Excellence *Age Appropriate Choreography, Costumes, and Music *All Children Have Worth *Encourage Creativity *Exceed Expectations *Dance and Music Lessons Teach Life Lessons *Give Back To Our Community – Angela Floyd, Founder/Director