2014 Angela Floyd Dance Company Competition Awards for Solos & Duet at Stage One, February 1st

 Congratulations to our junior soloists at Stage One!

Jaysa Hough – double platinum and 7th over all,

Grace Gee – platinum,

Sydney Elam – double platinum, 1st in the 9 year old elite jazz division,  and 9th over all,

Leia Riehl – platinum,

Anastasia Begoli –  platinum.


Congratulations to our teen and senior soloists and duet at Stage One!

Teen Soloists

Chandler Wigley – platinum,

Maddux Wigley  – platinum and 6th overall,

Jaye Ren – platinum,

Madison Boyd –  high gold,

Rachel Rigsby – platinum and 9th overall,

Taylor Gee – platinum,

Katie Von Wedel – platinum and tied for 1st  in the 15 year old elite jazz division.

Senior Soloist

Rylie Miller –  high gold,

Courtney Spencer –  high gold and 9th overall

Nicole Payne –  platinum, a showmanship award, and 4th overall.

Maddux and Chandler Wigley’s duet got a platinum and 7th overall.

Great job ladies!