I just wanted to share this sweet note from a former AFS Happy Dad. This just shows you how much the lessons at Angela Floyd Schools help to create life long friends…not just for the students, but for the parents as well. Michael, Mary Ann, and McKinley, thank you for sharing…and McKinley we are so proud of you!!!!!

Hello friends at AFS.

Thought I’d send along a couple of links to show you what you created. McKinley Silence, soon to be 11, is now at Studio Bleu in Ashburn, Va., a D.C. suburb. She’s part of the competitive team (she’s in the fourth photo down). Below are from nationals in June in Connecticut. She did several solos, including winning Platinum. (Not the one below.) She’s been doing aerials for two years now.

To say we cherish our days at AFS is an understatement. I know Mary Anne still stays in touch with some parents.

Please give all our best to everyone.

Michael Silence