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Steinway 165th Birthday Celebration

*Together *Excellence *Achievement *More Than Just Dance
Knoxville’s Only Steinway Performing Arts School
Come in and play some music with us today! Piano lessons available for ages 5-Adults. You know you want to… now to secure your spot at 675-9894 West or 947-9894 North.


Since 1853, STEINWAY & SONS has been building the pianos by which all others are judged. Every STEINWAY grand and upright piano is a masterpiece of handcrafted precision and a consummate work of art—painstakingly built by experienced artisans with unending passion for their craft. And today’s Steinways are the best Steinways yet, supported by generations of expertise and state-of-the-art technological advances.

You can now enjoy the essence of the Steinway with the purchase of a Steinway designed Boston or Essex piano. We truly do have the very best pianos in every price range for over 88 years.

Celebrate the 165th Anniversary of STEINWAY & SONS—an iconic brand and an indelible piece of American musical history.

*Financing subject to approval and other stipulations. See a representative for details. Fill out the form below or call 615-373-5901 for more details. Offer expires March 31, 2018.

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