Congratulations to all our dancers! Their Performances were AMAZING this weekend and the staff and I are very proud to work with these gifted dancers.
Cadance Eastman & Sophia von Wedel – Gold
Blye Allen – Gold
Opal – Gold
Pearl- High Silver
Theresa Keller & Autumn Skinner – Gold, Costume Award
Garnet -Gold
Emerald – High Gold, Performance Award
Jade Jazz – High Gold, Showstopper Award
Ruby – Gold
Keira Newsom – High Gold
Jaysa Hough – Platinum, Dancer of the Year Finalist, 4th Overall Junior Solo
Anastasia Begoli – High Gold
Blakely Beron – High Gold
Jenna Lett – High Gold
Sydney Elam – Platinum,1st Place Junior Open Solo, 7th Overall Junior Solo
Caroline Crook – High Gold
Ella Riehl – Gold
Jade Lyrical – High Gold, Choreography Award
Leia Riehl – High Gold
Avery Griebe – Gold
Madison Sandidge – Gold
Annabel Wilson – Gold
Topaz Lyrical – High Gold, Showstopper Award, 1st Place Overall Teen
Large Group
Kickline – High Gold
Topaz Jazz – High Gold
Chandler Wigley – High Gold, 7th Overall Senior Solo
Jaye Ren – Gold
Nicole Payne – High Gold, Platinum, Dancer of the Year Finalist, 4th Overall Senior Solo
Katie von Wedel – High Gold
Rylie Miller – Gold
Production – High Gold
Show me how to burlesque – High Gold
Nothing compares to you – Gold
Bleeding out – Gold
Shelby Elam – Gold
Rachel Rigsby – High Gold & 8th overall
Mary-Kate Dodson – Gold
Maddux Wigley – High Gold
Taylor Gee – Gold
Girls just want to have fun – Gold
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