Jazz Parents, did you know? We listened to your requests and have provided a great solution to help meet your families needs.

We have heard from several of you after the 2017-2018 schedule came out that you really wanted a Jazz II and Ballet II class back to back. We are adding a Jazz II class on Fridays at 6:30pm immediately following the 5:30pm Ballet II class. While I know that Fridays might not be ideal for everyone, I hope this at least helps some of you out. I know a lot of people end up preferring Friday classes because there isn’t homework and weeknight hassles to deal with. Additionally for those of you with younger siblings, there is a Mini Jazz class as well as a Combo class that day too!

Adding on to Friday was really the only option we had since the schedules had already been made and classes already registered for. I appreciate many of you voicing your opinions! The schedule is always a tough thing to figure out each year, especially for those elementary-advanced classes where there are multiple jazz levels within a ballet class, not to mention tap, acro, and hip hop. It really does help having your feedback, so thank you so much for that!

If you want me to transfer your students from the Thursday class, let me know! I am happy to help however I can. Thank you again, and please know that you can always come to me with questions or concerns regarding the schedule or anything else here at the studio smile🙂 I’d love to help you out! – Miss Molly

You can reach Miss Molly today at 675-9894 or by emailing her at molly@angelafloydschools.com so we can make sure your spot is secure in back to back classes.