We are so proud to showcase Miss Leia today as she returns to the AFS school after an amazing experience studying at the American Academy of Ballet.

Angela Floyd dance student and company member Miss Leia R. is pictured here with her certificates from the American Academy of Ballet Summer School of Excellence.
One is after the performance awards. It is an optional program unique to AAB. The Performance Awards are a series of distinctive choreographic compositions over 12 levels, that your students perform before an audience of parents and friends. Leia performed in Level 8 and received Silver with Double Distinction.
Pre-Senior – Levels 7 to 9, Suggested age 11-15
Port de bras, pirouette combination, adage, allegro combination, solo dance.
The second picture is after the performance at the end of the two weeks. It was a 2 and a half hour show with costumes, lights, etc. Leia danced in ballet, pointe, Spanish, Contemporary and Jazz group dances.

Performance Awards2015 end of ABT program