While I know that AFDC is a dance company it is really more than that.  It is a group of girls and young ladies who love dance but they also love each other.  I wish you could have seen those girls at the swimming pool.  From girls who dance on the Sr company to those from Mini, they were laughing and playing with each other like the family they have become.  They care for each other and glow when some of them win and love to watch each other dance and cheer each other.  They are truly a dance family with a large group of parents to watch over them.  AFDC is knowing that your child can go home with another child or go swimming or to dinner and know that your child is safe because you know the type of parent that is watching over them.  It’s knowing that older girls on the company are the type girls you want you daughter to be when she gets older. It’s knowing that if can’t pick up or take your daughter to class or a special practice, that another parent will have your back.  This is just some of the things I think about when AFDC comes up and should be shared with new parents and members of the company.  Yes AFDC is a commitment but you get so much more than just ribbons and trophies, you get lifetime friends and we get to make friends with the greatest parents in the world!
Just wanted to let you know about the part of AFDC you know exists but don’t get to see very often!
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