Angela Floyd Schools Music Instructor, Mr. Scott began playing piano at the age of 7 because his grandmother taught and played. He grew up loving all different kinds of music. In addition, he started playing guitar at age 12 and also played trumpet in the Concert band through grade school. He has studied under and learned skills from so many people he couldn’t possibly name them all……but to just name a few, Jim Brewer, Larry Vincent, Chad Volkers, and Tom Johnson, all of which are with Pellissippi State where Mr. Scott attended. He played in numerous ensembles such as the Jazz ensemble and the Small instrumental Ensemble while at Pellissippi State.
Mr. Scott has played with numerous bands over the years such as “STAAC”(rock group), ” Sultry Sounds of the South”(progressive rock), and “The Prophecy Bob” (progressive rock). These are bands he performed with from from his teens to my mid 20’s playing many many shows and recording several albums. Mr. Scott can be seen currently playing with a Jazz ensemble called “Subourbon on the Rock” where they perform locally at numerous locations and events. Schedule your lesson today with Scott Archer for guitar or piano by calling 675-9894 West or 947-9894 North.
Casciano, Ray & Scott (2)Scott Archer - duoScott Archer - dressed upScott Archer - playing outside