Angela Floyd Schools wants to share a sweet email from a happy Dance Dad…….

I wanted to give you a couple of compliments. Combining both studios into one production was really a great idea. The girls are getting to know each other better and making friends which was hard to do before and even the parents are getting to know each other. Janice R, Vicki and I had dinner Wednesday night with the Riehl’s and Kelly Mundt whom we didn’t know before dinner. Plus the dance looks great along with Kick line. There just seems to be so much energy, not only with the girls but instructors. Can’t wait to see the cleaned version!

Rose has really impressed me, not just as an instructor (Lauren had last year and learned so much because Rose challenged her weekly) but how she relates to the girls. She asked Lauren to do something out of her comfort zone in the Amethyst dance and Lauren was telling Vicki and I on the way to Powell that she wasn’t sure she could master it. Then Rose came to her at the Meet & Greet and told her how pride she was of Lauren that she was willing to go out of her zone to do the move. While Lauren thanked her, the look on Lauren’s face said so much more. On the way home, she told us that while the move was hard, she would have it down in a few weeks. I am so glad that Melissa, Emily and Rose are challenging her to move out of her comfort zone. It will not only make a difference in her dance but this is a great life lesson.

Lauren, Jaysa, Taylor and the other girls have been talking about how long they have danced together. I can’t remember the last time there were 11 dancers who were starting their 5th year or more on the company and you can tell by watching them that they are just more confident in everything they do and realize what it takes to be a great dance company. You and the staff have done a great job of keeping these girls together along with others who have 4 and 3 years and I really think this experience will pay off this year.

Kudos to Molly also as she is so organized. It is so good to know every competition and when fees are coming so early in the year, plus Molly is just great to work with!

You have done a great job of putting a staff together and I am already excited to see how much these girls improve this year!

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