Are you going to join in on the fun? Angela Floyd Schools is giving back to the Community with our Community Appreciation Week. Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY TRIAL LESSON TODAY for the week of October 3rd-8th by calling the North location 947-9894 or the West location 675-9894. Dance and Music Lessons for Ages East Tennessee’s ONLY Studio to be Ranked in the TOP 50 in the United States by Dance Teacher Magazine. WINNER of Best Dance Company 2016 by Knoxville News Sentinel and Blank Newspaper. Come see why Angela Floyd Schools is the right fit for you and your family. Here are a few thoughts from our happy parents:

“Angela Floyd and the staff at AFS are the reason our 5 yr old daughter, Ellie, is in her fourth year of dance. When Ellie was born at 27 weeks gestation, my husband and I were worried she would not be able to participate in dance. By the grace of God, she is very fortunate to have no physical/mental delays.

My journey to find a dance studio began when Ellie turned 18 months old. I figured out very quickly that, when one lives in a rural area, studio choices are very slim. I managed to locate a few studios within about 20 minutes of our home, but I did not want to settle out of convenience. After much research, I decided to make the 1 hour drive to try AFS.

Let’s just say that the last few years have been a learning experience. Both Angela and the staff are second to none. When my “new dance mom anxiety” kicked in, I struggled with bringing Ellie each week. I am pretty sure I, unnecessarily, stressed myself to the max the first year as I watched and over-analyzed everything. Some family members suggested that maybe Ellie was too young to dance. That was not the case for the staff at AFS.

I remember Ellie crying the first 3 classes. The fourth class was no different except that Angela was in the studio. Angela walked Ellie out to the lobby. She wanted to show Ellie that I was there and that I could see her on the monitor. Angela, patiently, waited for Ellie to calm down and then, together, they walked back to class.

The staff is very encouraging. I cannot sing enough praises about their professionalism. The ladies at the front desk are always ready to answer any questions I may have. More importantly, if they don’t know the answer, they ask someone and get back to me. The teachers are very good with small children. Ms. Chandler has assisted in Ellie’s previous classes. So, when Ellie found out Ms. Chandler was going to be her teacher this year, she was very excited. Ellie and I love AFS. We plan on staying for a long time. It is well worth the drive.” – Keri Cochran

“My girls have danced at Angela Floyds for many years now and they continue to enjoy dancing due to the dedicated and talented instructors here. We have also enrolled in the music program and both girls love going to their guitar lessons. The skilled musicians and dancers here have instilled a love for music and dance in both of my daughters. We have always felt so comfortable at the studio and continue to be impressed with the courteous and knowledgeable staff here. I am so thankful that we have been a part of such a great studio and I highly recommend Angela Floyd Schools to any one seeking the ideal environment for their dancer or musician. What ever age or ability, they are sure to shine!” – Audrey Kvamme