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SPOTLIGHT – Angela Floyd Schools Staff

SPOTLIGHT Angela Floyd Schools Staff – Miss Molly Jackson has been with AFS for 10 years. She is the Assistant to the Director for both locations and of the Angela Floyd Dance Company. Miss Molly thinks there are so many things special about the place she grew up (Chattanooga, TN)…the Choo Choo, Moonpies, hiking Lookout and Signal Mountains, Ruby Falls, Rock City, the aquarium…she says, “if you haven’t spent a weekend in Chattanooga…you should”. The movie that best describes her life, “ALL THAT JAZZ” and the fictional place she would most like to go “HOGWARTS”. Molly’s favorite way to start the day is with a CUP OF COFFEE and a good BOOK. She gets her inspiration from her two older sisters who are very wise and compassionate. Her spirit animal is a RIVER OTTER – they are very social and affectionate,and they love water. RUNNING WITHOUT HATING IT would be the skill Molly would most like to master…and her favorite part of working at AFS – the friendships she has with fellow staff members and seeing her dancers achieve their goals. – Miss Molly Jackson

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