As Blakely progresses in dance, and begins to reach higher levels, I can’t help but notice how influential her teachers have been in fostering her love of dance, and the role they’ve each played in her growth as a dancer over the past 8 years.  Just last year, Ms. Rose brought out a renewed enthusiasm in Blakely for jazz, and Blakely grew exponentially as a result. This year, she is loving Ms. Rose’s jazz class even more. Mrs. Emily has done the same for Blakely in tap, on company, and now she is helping Blakely grow even more during their solo rehearsals.The year is just getting underway, but it appears Ms. Jessie is doing the same for Blakely in ballet. Each week, Blakely is bubbling over telling me about her pointe and technique classes with Ms. Jessie. She is also excited that both Ms. Maya and Ms. Jessie are really being thorough with the use of ballet terminology and corrections. She is so eager to learn, and it seems they are eager to teach.

I love that each teacher has found a way to make their style of dance exciting and challenging. All of her past teachers have given her such a great foundation, and now this year’s teachers are already building on that.

So, I just want to say thank you for continuing to go above and beyond to find knowledgable and talented teachers, that not only teach Blakely the skills and technique necessary to progress as a dancer, but also teach in a way that inspires her to become more passionate about dance. It truly brings us joy to watch her up on that stage, doing what she loves, and growing as a dancer each year.  I am so thankful she has so many wonderful teachers to shape her and to help her grow. Each year keeps getting better and better. So again, thank you to you and your staff.


Amy Beron
Beron family pic
I would like to share this sweet message from an AFS happy parent….”I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was last night with Jessie’s pointe class! She is phenomenal!! She is very technical, quick with corrections and keeps the class working hard and engaged the entire time. I also appreciated her knowledge of classical ballet. She knew many interesting facts about Romeo and Juliet! I loved it! Thanks for getting her here!!!” – Carol Elam

I know you know this already but you have assembled quite an amazing staff!  Color me impressed 🙂
– Robin Crook