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AFS Alumni Performs on National TV

AFS alumni Ashtain Rothchild will performing on The Rachel Ray show on 10/29/2010.

Locally on WATE at 10 AM. Don’t miss it.

Here is a link to the Zombie Dancers.

Ashtain on Rachel ray

One thought on “AFS Alumni Performs on National TV”
  1. Ashtain Rothchild says:

    Angela Floyd School for the Dancer,

    Thank you so much for the posting, I really appreciate all the support from back home! The Rachael Ray gig was so much fun. The dancers were required to learn the dance prior to rehearsal which was a new experience. I had to be fully prepared because the dancers only got one day of rehearsal then we did the shoot the following day. The experience taught me so much about dancer professionalism and the production of a national TV show. I must say preparation for long hours, hard-work and patients are a must when working on a project like this!

    Angel I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff so much for the many years of training. If it wasn’t for you I would never have been this successful thus far. Your studio gave me every tool I need to pursue my dance career and most importantly you never stopped believing in my talent. You and your staff have always been so supportive and I am so grateful for that. Thank You for always looking out for my best interest and helping me accomplish my dreams.
    “Belief Makes Things Real…”

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