Benefits of the Arts: How to Help a Child with a Learning Disability Get Involved


The arts are an incredible source of fun, entertainment, and learning, and they can provide a huge mental health boost to people of all ages. For kids, being creative is one of the best ways to express emotion and personality; for children who are living with a learning disability, the arts can offer a world of possibilities and benefits. Not only is the creative world a safe place for kids to explore and get social, it’s also a place for them to learn more about themselves and their own abilities. Painting, singing, dancing, or playing an instrument can boost self-esteem and help a child learn new methods that can be applied to math and language.


There are many ways you can help your child get involved with the arts at home. For example, by giving him a safe and distraction-free place to practice his favorite hobby, you’ll be providing him with the tools he needs to succeed right from the start. You can also look for nearby classes that will guide him along the way.


Keep reading for more great tips on how to help your child get involved in the arts.


Take the Initiative at Home


If you have a knowledge of sewing or textile work, take this opportunity to teach your child what you know. Learning how to work with a needle and thread can teach patience and attention to detail, which can be hugely beneficial for children who are living with a learning disability. You can start here for some great resources and ideas for projects.


Create a Place to Work


Giving your child a place to work on his favorite hobby without distraction will allow him to explore and create without stress or anxiety. If he loves to make art, set up a spot for him to paint near a natural light source and give him all the tools he needs. If music is what he loves, allow him to practice his dancing, singing, or playing in a quiet room away from everyone else in the house. Having his own place will help your child feel free to explore his new hobby.


Get Involved


Trying something new can be daunting for little ones, especially if they are worried about their ability to see it through. When your child shows interest in a new hobby, try it out with him. This will make it more fun for him, and your involvement will show him that you think what he’s doing is worthwhile. Studies have shown that parental involvement in hobbies and extracurricular activities can help a child be more successful.


Look for Opportunities in Your Area


Depending on what your child is into, there may be dozens of fun activities and classes in your area that focus on that hobby. Look for local dance classes, art workshops, museums, and children’s theaters that you and your child can attend together. If he enjoys going, he may want to attend a class on his own, which will help boost his social skills and his self-confidence.


Helping your child get involved in a new hobby in the arts can allow him to learn new skills, boost his self-esteem, and benefit him in his ability to be social and engage in class. Talk about his favorite hobbies and what interests him most so you can get an idea of where to guide him, and don’t forget to have fun! With a good plan, you and your child can make the most of the arts.

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