Dance book for the holidaysmusic book for the holidays

Want some great ideas for holiday giving? Books and lessons of dance and music are always the answer. Check out these great ideas from Miss Angel.

Dance Book for Gift Giving –
Suki Schorer studied with the towering George Balanchine, became a principal dancer in his company, the New York City Ballet, and then joined him as a teacher at the school he founded—the School of American Ballet. And she will be the first to confirm that just about everything a young girl needs to know about life can be learned in ballet class. How to be always balanced. How to find the strength to follow your heart. How to turn a mistake into part of the dance. How to put your best foot forward. And how to find the self-esteem, focus, and discipline needed in life.

Music Book for Gift Giving –
Written by Grammy-winning, legendary bassist Victor L. Wooten, The Music Lesson tells the story of a struggling young musician who meets a philosophical teacher. The teacher guides the student on a spiritual journey, teaching him the gifts of life through music. This is the perfect book for finding motivation and strength.