Training Programs

Benefits to the Dancer in Training

Promotes Service over Self and Encourages Responsibility

Angela Floyd Schools students are encouraged to be of service, with many enjoying the opportunity to ‘give back’ and contribute to the studio community that has served and supported them. Students take their responsibilities seriously and teachers and parents are often surprised as to how well a child ‘rises up’ and cares for the younger students in their AFS class. Acting as role models to junior students, the role helps build on skills first introduced in dance class including good grooming, punctuality and a positive attitude.

Fosters relationships across age groups

By assisting within the same class each week, the Angela Floyd Schools student develops strong relationships with younger students within their studio. Angela Floyd Schools delights in watching friendships evolve across different age groups and these are especially seen at performance and competition times when students really seek out ways to support and look out for each other.

Empowers Individuals and Increases Confidence

Past students of the Angela Floyd Schools program have experienced increased levels of confidence and self-esteem, have learned patience, empathy, communication skills and how to take initiative in different situations. These ‘soft skills’ (or employability skills) are sought after in the workforce. Parents of Angela Floyd Schools students are grateful for the opportunity provided to learn and develop skills in the supported dance environment.

Develops leadership and communication skills

The inclusion of leadership and communication studies and self-awareness activities within the program seeks to encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and empowers them to take care of others as leaders and role models.

Student Teacher Training Program

Welcome to this NEW and exciting opportunity to be mentored by the leading professional dance staff at AFS. This program will qualify you upon graduation to teach at Angela Floyd Schools during college and beyond, or give you the tools and qualifications (including references) to teach in any studio setting if you move out of the area or go out of town for college.  All applications are due by June 15.

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Student Assistant Application

Welcome to this amazing opportunity to be a classroom helper to the leading professional dance staff at AFS. This program will give you confidence, leadership skills, and an insight into the next step of being involved in the Student Teacher Program at AFS.  All applications are due by June 15

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