AFS Social Circle

Have you wanted to meet more parents at AFS?  Maybe talk to the director, Angela Floyd one on one?  Come join us for our NEW AFS Social Circle.  It’s just an informal get together for parents once a month at either the North or West location.  Let’s enjoy some coffee, tea and social time to get to know each other better.  Maybe even figure out a carpool if the occasion arises or a new play date is always fun.  Conversation and community is everything at AFS.  We may even hold the secret to getting you child to practice the piano, get down in the splits they have been working on for dance, or even which college to attend for the best performing arts education after high school.

We even have a NEW Hug Coordinator that is available if you or someone you know at AFS is in need of a helping hand.  Maybe they are going through a divorce, chemo, lost a job, or just need a hug from dealing with the terrible 2’s like we use to say…..we are here to help.

Plug these dates into your calendar now and don’t miss the next AFS Social Circle event!

August 17, 2022    9:30-10:30am    AFS-North

September 28, 2022    9:30-10:30am    AFS-West

October 26, 2022    9:30-10:30am    AFS-North

November 30, 2022    9:30-10:30am    AFS-West

January 18, 2023    9:30-10:30am    AFS-North

February 22, 2023    9:30-10:30am    AFS-West

March 29, 2023    9:30-10:30am    AFS-North

May 3, 2023    9:30-10:30am    AFS-West

Do you know an AFS family in need of a hug or a helping hand?  Just simply fill out the information below and our hug coordinator will get right on it!