Knoxville Dance Classes


Our preschool dance programs encourage kids to learn the basics of dance. Our dance instructors are friendly, trained, and certified. Sign up today!

Ages 5-7

Our combination of ballet and tap into one hour long class allows students to work on a technical foundation as well as develop musicality and rhythm.

Ballet & Pointe

Our classical ballet dance programs teach students the ins and outs of developing strength, control, coordination, and line. Our dance instructors are friendly, trained, and certified. Sign up today!


Our jazz curriculum combines Broadway Jazz with the ever-changing styles of today. These classes are technical and structured while also being upbeat and fun!


Our tap dance classes go beyond the typical themes of Broadway and musical theatre. Our tap dance classes emphasize rhythm, coordination, speed, style, and clarity of sound

Hip Hop

Our hip hop dance classes include a stylized version of street dance. It is a very upbeat, high tempo class aimed at developing rhythm, technique, self confidence, and stage presence. Dancers are sure to enjoy this thrilling style of dance!

Lyrical/ Contemporary

This style of dance relies heavily on balance, extension, and isolations to illustrate the lyrics or mood of the music.


We follow the acclaimed Acrobatic Arts curriculum to help our dancers gain flexibility, strength, and control while learning acrobatic skills.

Angela Floyd Dance Company

Whether you are new to the competition scene or a seasoned competitor, the Angela Floyd Dance Company has a place for you.

Angela Floyd School For Dance and Music

What Dance Classes Should I Take?

The art of dance is versatile, and our Knoxville dance classes offer a variety to choose from. We offer dance classes for all ages from pre-school to private lessons. One thing to consider when choosing a dance class is to determine what you want to get most from your experience. Are you looking to socialize, make friends, exercise, have fun, or even compete in competitions? The best way to learn something new is to try it out.

What Are The Benefits of Dance Classes?

The healing process of group dance therapy has been well documented in peer-reviewed publications. In addition to the exercise and therapeutic benefits of dance classes, studies have been shown that “dance movement therapy–based mirroring approach seemed to address more primary developmental aspects of autism than the presently prevailing theory-of-mind approach.”

What Makes Your School Different?
  • The studios are equipped with floating dance floors which help reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance longer without getting tired.
  • All costumes are purchased from a professional dance costume company – no hassles for parents
  • Observation monitors in the waiting room for viewing each dance and music room
  • Desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day. All staff are certified in CPR
  • A large elegant waiting room for parents and siblings, equipped with free wifi and complimentary coffee bar
Can I sign up for private dance lessons

Angela Floyd Schools offers private lessons in any of the following styles of dance: classical ballet, pointejazztaphip hopacro, or jumps, leaps, & turns. These one on one classes are a great way to prepare for an upcoming audition or performance or focus on a specific skill or technical development. Private lessons are scheduled through the office by calling or texting 865-675-9894 or emailing

AGES: 5 and up | TUITION: $33.00/half hour | $66.00/hour