AGES: 8 and up

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The nationally acclaimed Acrobatic Arts curriculum is used in Acro classes as well as our PreSchool Ballet/Tap/Acro and Mini Jazz/Hip Hop/Acro classes. In these lessons, dancers will gain strength and flexibility by progressing from basic tumbling skills to walkovers, aerials, various handstands, and other acro-dance tricks. Integrating tumbling and acro elements into your dance repertoire will make your dancing more dynamic!

Students are placed in classes based on technical ability. Requirements for Acro II: back bend, bridge recover, kick over, and handstand bridge. All must be clean and consistent without the help of a spot or mat stacks. Should also have a solid headstand, handstand, and a good awareness of stacking. Requirements for Acro III: front walkover, back walkover, aerial (or incredibly close). Should also have a solid headstand, handstand, chest stand, forearm stand, and a solid awareness of stacking.

Dress Code

Black dance shorts, pants, or leggings, black leotard MUST be warn. (Please NO CROP TOPS or MIDRIFF TOPS.) No shoes. Hair must be pulled up completely off the dancer’s face and neck.

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