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Angela Floyd Dance Company

The Angela Floyd Dance Company holds audition/placements each Spring in May for the next seasons competition groups in Knoxville. Whether you are new to the competition scene or a seasoned competitor, the Angela Floyd Dance Company has a place for you. If you are a transferring student from another school and have experience in ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, tap or are moving to the Knoxville area for the first time, please contact the office for additional information at molly@angelafloydschools.com. 

Current AFDC dancers and parents, please know that End of the Year Banquet plans are in the works and coming your way soon. Yes, it will look a little different, but we will celebrate the season one way or another!

Parent Meeting

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 for the 2020-2021 season. 5:15PM via Zoom. The link will be sent out in the current AFDC Group Me groups. If you are not a current AFDC member, please contact molly@angelafloydschools.comfor the link! A digital booklet of information will be dropped in the Zoom chat for all participants to access. This booklet can also be emailed if you are unable to attend the virtual meeting, and a recording of the meetings can also be sent to you. Again, just contact Molly, and she will be more than happy to help!


Friday, June 5, 2020 is still the date for the clinic to learn the audition combinations. We will offer both a virtual and in-person option so that everyone can feel safe and comfortable. The combinations will be taught in small groups of 10 dancers and will therefore need to be scheduled ahead of time. That means you will need to sign up if you wish to attend the clinic in-person so we can assign you a time. If for any reason you are unable to attend the Zoom meeting on the 2nd, you must contact the office in order to schedule a slot for clinics.

*Auditions for 2020-2021 Season:*

Monday, June 22, 2020, 5:30PM, AFS- North. We will have in-person auditions, as we think it’s really important
when determining placements for the next year to see the dancers in the same room. We will absolutely be taking every precaution for these in-person auditions, including closing the lobby, having students wait in their cars in between trips into the audition room, taping off the studio to maintain proper distancing, and all the other guidelines laid out in AFS’ re-opening phase chart. Anyone who does not wish to do an in-person audition can absolutely send in a video submission.

*If you are planning to audition for the 2020-2021 afdc company. Please join us for the Summer Intensive July 27th-30th, 2020. Previously scheduled Choreography Weeks are being re-evaluated and further information regarding that will be forthcoming.

History of the Angela Floyd Dance Company
Director, Angela Floyd, started Angels Kickline in 1992 to expose dancers and Knoxville to precision dance and the opportunity for more performances. Angels Kickline was quickly named “Knoxville’s answer to the New York City Rockettes” as they performed annually in the WIVK Christmas Parade, the Knoxville Dogwood Parade, Fantasy of Trees to benefit Children’s Hospital, and at the Historic Tennessee Theatre. In 1997, Angels Kickline retired the silver sequin long sleeve leotards with a pink flower appliqué for a classic white velour leotard with a cascade skirt and a green “Angels Kickline” sequin logo. Soon the “Angels Kickline” logo was removed and fur, feathers, other logos, hearts, bow ties, snowflakes, toy solider accessories, and numerous hats were added to create a new look for every occasion. Performance requests were growing and Angels Kickline added the Farragut 4th of July Parade, The Knoxville Mardi Gras Parade, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Buddy’s Race against Cancer, the Lion’s Walk for the Blind, Gatlinburg’s 4th of July Parade as the Texas Roadhouse Dancers, and the Louise Mandrell Christmas Show to their performance schedule.
In 1999, Ms. Floyd, founded Knoxville’s first competitive jazz company. The Knoxville Jazz Company gave dancers the opportunity to display their talents regionally, nationally, and internationally, the chance to take classes from master teachers and most importantly, the chance to grow individually and have fun while working with a team. Many dancers were a part of both Angels Kickline and The Knoxville Jazz Company and performance opportunities kept growing. The Knoxville Opera Gala, the Love Kitchen’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, many area Fall and Spring Festivals, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, guest performers during Walt Disney World’s Magic Music Days, The Addy Awards, the Kodak Film Convention, the University of Tennessee Men’s Basketball Halftime Show, featured dancers during the Gaylord Music City Bowl Halftime Show, and most recently the Harlem Globetrotters came calling. The Knoxville Jazz Company has grown into the areas leading Competition Company with numerous Platinum Awards, Overall Awards, Choreography Awards, and Special Recognition in solo, duet/trio, and group routines. Many Company dancers have received scholarships to national conventions and Broadway Dance Center in NYC. Current and former dancers have been selected by audition for Tennessee Governors School for the Arts, New York City Rockette Summer Intensive in NYC, and the Broadway Dance Center Internship Program in NYC.

Today, Angels Kickline and The Knoxville Jazz Company have merged to form the Angela Floyd Dance Company. AFDC will continue the traditions, meaning, and legacy of Angels Kickline and The Knoxville Jazz Company.

Angela Floyd Dance Company 2019 – 2020

Amber Company

1. Brooke Bilbrey
2. Chloe Dodson
3..Jaelyn Fairchild
4. Bella Pointer
5. Ella Riehl *Captain
6. Brileigh Silvey

Amethyst Company

1. Brooke Bilbrey
2. Jillian Bivens
3. Abby Chattin * Captain
4. Ashlyn Daugherty
5. Chloe Dodson
6. Jaelyn Fairchild
7. Blaklyn Kyte
8. Bella Pointer
9. Ella Riehl
10. Breea Schoenthaler
11. Katelyn Seybold
12. Brileigh Silvey

1. Juliet Chaltry
2. Whitley Sams
3. Natalie Sinko
4. Mackensie Thomas
5. Brianne Turner * Captain
6. Rowan Unger
7. Brianna Wishoun

Onyx Company

1.   Abby Chattin
2. Ashlyn Daugherty
3. Madelyn Mundt * Captain
4. Leia Riehl
5. Madison Sandidge


1. Madelyn Mundt
2. Leia Riehl
3. Madison Sandidge

Pearl Company

1. Lyla Barnes
2. Mia Barnes
3. Bree Drinnen

4. Lillee Elkins
5. Brooklynne Enix
6. Mackenzie Gibbs
7. Leah Herda
8. Lila McCroskey
9. Kadence Monroe
10. Shelby Anne Pope

11. Catherine Roovers *Captain
12. Peyton Sandidge
13. Cordelia Silvestri

1. Jillian Bivens * Captain
2. Blaklyn Kyte
3. Katelyn Seybold
4. Breea Schoenthaler

Sapphire Company

1. Taylor Anderson
2. Elsie Greene
3. Emma Kate Kilpatrick
4. Ava Grace Krager
5. Meredith Pace
6. Sophia Reagan
7. Abigail Riffle

Topaz Company – Apprentice Kickline

1. Taylor Anderson
2. Juliet Chaltry
3. Elise Greene
4. Emma Kate Kilpatrick
5. Ava Grace Krager
6. Meredith Pace
7. Sophia Reagan
8. Abigail Riffle
9. Whitley Sams
10. Natalie Sinko
11. Mackensie Thomas
12. Brianne Turner
11. Rowan Unger
12. Brianna Wishoun * Captain

Turquoise Company

1. Lyla Barnes
2. Bree Drinnen
3. Mackenzie Gibbs * Captain
4. Catherine Roovers
5. Peyton Sandidge
6. Cordelia Silvestri

Emerald Company

1. Jillian Bivens
2. Ashlyn Daugherty
3. Abigail Riffle
4. Breea Schoenthaler * Captain
5. Brianne Turner


1. Brooke Bilbrey
2. Jillian Bivens
3. Abby Chattin
4. Ashlyn Daugherty
5. Chloe Dodson
6. Jaelyn Fairchild
7. Blaklyn Kyte
8 Madelyn Mundt
9. Bella Pointer
10. Ella Riehl
11. Leia Riehl
12. Madison Sandidge *Captain
13. Katelyn Seybold
14. Breea Schoenthaler
15. Brileigh Silvey

Opal, Topaz, & Amethyst Companies – Leia Riehl *Captain
***Optional for Pearl Company

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Angela Floyd School for Dance and Music was the WINNER of BEST DANCE COMPANY by the Knoxville News Sentinel for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The hard work of our dedicated dance staff and company dancers has made this accomplishment possible.

Congrats to all! … and thank you for such a wonderful honor.