Preschool Ballet/Tap and Preschool Hip Hop/Acro

AGES: 2 – 4

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This fun-filled class of ballet and tap instruction is for 2-4 year olds. The curriculum begins with 30 minutes of ballet, during which dancers learn basic positions, steps, and vocabulary using concepts and terminology that are familiar to them, even if they’ve never danced before. During the second half of the class, the dancers focus on tap, doing a warm-up, technique across the floor, and upbeat combinations.

The 30 minutes of tap teaches dancers rhythm and coordination and incorporates music they know and love! This class is a great way to introduce your child to dance instruction as well as the dynamics of a classroom setting. You’ll be amazed at the vocabulary and technique your dancer will learn, all while having a great time and making new friends!

Some of our PreSchool classes also provide 30 minutes of acrobatics. Dancers will spend the first part of the class working on ballet technique and vocabulary, then move on to tap, and then finish the class with a half-hour of acro instruction to help develop their strength, flexibility, and coordination. It is a fun and exciting class that will inspire and prepare your dancer for a life-long love of dance and acro.

Dress Code - Preschool Ballet/Tap

Solid black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers and skin-tone tap shoes. Hair must be secured neatly in a ballet bun, or pinned off the neck with a hair barrette. Ballet slippers must have elastic sewn over the instep. No ribbons or bows on tap shoes.

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Learn More - Preschool Hip Hop/Acro

This fun filled class of instruction for 2-4 year olds is 30 minutes of hip hop steps and vocabulary and 30 minutes of Acrobatic Arts acro skills. Age appropriate games are sometimes incorporated to aid in the learning of body positions and technique. Short dance combinations and technique across the floor are also taught. Hip Hop is very upbeat, high tempo class, which is a great option for dancers that want a faster pace from ballet.

Dress Code - Preschool Hip Hop/Acro
Black dance shorts, pants, or leggings, black leotard or solid black fitted top. Skin-tone slip on jazz oxfords for female dancers and black hip hop sneakers for male dancers. NO STREET SHOES ARE ALLOWED, INCLUDING TENNIS SHOES. Hair must be pulled up completely off the dancer’s face and neck.

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