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Classical Ballet

AGES: 2 and Up | TUITION: $83.00/month | $30.00/yearly registration fee

Ballet is the foundation of all great dancers and has been proven to be beneficial to all dance forms. In these dance classes, dancers will train their bodies carefully, developing strength, control, coordination and line. While dancers will spend time working on the technical and physical aspects of ballet, they will also learn to connect with the steps and music to bring artistry to their movement. Students are placed in classes according to age, dance experience, and technique level.

Students ages 5-7 will be placed in a Ballet/Tap combination class, providing a foundation of proper technique and vocabulary in an exciting environment. At this level, students will begin barre work and incorporate more intricate steps into their dance repertoire.

For those dancers who are older but just starting their dance journey, we have beginning level classes to introduce them to the world of ballet. Ballet I is for dancers ages 8 and up, and Adult/Teen Ballet is for dancers ages 13 and up.

Ballet II and Intermediate Ballet, which both meet twice a week, are by teacher recommendation.

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