Hip Hop

AGES: 5 and up

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Hip Hop is a very stylized form of street dance. Hip hop can be seen in commercials and music videos for artists such as Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake, as well as TV shows like Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up.” It is a very upbeat, high-tempo class aimed at developing rhythm, technique, self-confidence, and stage presence. Dancers are sure to enjoy this thrilling style of dance!

Mini Jazz/Hip Hop Dance Classes are for dancers ages 5-7, and Elementary Hip Hop is for dancers ages 8 and up. For dancers who are older and just beginning to take lessons, our Adult/Teen Jazz/Hip Hop class is a great way to introduce this exciting style to dancers ages 13 and up.

Intermediate and Advanced Hip Hop are by teacher recommendation.

Dress Code

Black dance shorts, pants, or leggings, black leotard or solid black fitted top. Black dance sneakers.  Hair must be pulled up completely off the dancer’s face and neck. For Adult/Teen Jazz/Hip Hop, Mini Jazz/Hip Hop/Acro, and Preschool Hip Hop/Acro please use skin-tone slip on jazz oxfords or skin-tone turners for female dancers and black hip hop sneakers for male dancers.  NO STREET SHOES ARE ALLOWED, INCLUDING TENNIS SHOES.

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