AGES: 5 and up

The nationally acclaimed Acrobatic Arts curriculum is used in our Jazz/Acro classes as well as our PreSchool Ballet/Tap/Acro. In these dance classes, dancers will gain strength and flexibility by progressing from basic tumbling skills on into walkovers, aerials, various handstands, and other acro-dance tricks. Integrating tumbling and acro elements into your dance repertoire will make your dancing more dynamic!

Students are placed in classes based on age and technical ability. Mini Jazz is for dancers ages 5-7. We also have beginning level classes for those dancers who older and getting involved in dance for the first time. Jazz I is for dancers ages 8 and up, and Adult/Teen Jazz/Hip Hop is for dancers ages 13 and up.

Jazz II, Jazz III, Jazz IV, Intermediate Jazz, and Advanced Jazz are by teacher recommendation.

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