AGES: 5 and up

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These classes involve technical instruction which combines traditional Broadway Jazz with the ever-changing styles of today. Jazz today is utilized everywhere in the musical theatre, commercial, concert and entertainment industries. Each class consists of a full body warm up, isolations, traveling exercises across the floor, turns and upbeat combinations.

Students are placed in classes based on age and technical ability. Mini Jazz/Hip Hop/Acro is for dancers ages 5-7. We also have beginning level classes for those dancers who older and getting involved in dance for the first time. Jazz I is for dancers ages 8 and up, and Adult/Teen Jazz/Hip Hop is for dancers ages 13 and up.

Jazz II, Jazz III, Jazz IV, Intermediate Jazz, and Advanced Jazz are by teacher recommendation.

Dress Code

Black dance shorts, pants, or leggings, black leotard or solid black fitted top. Skin-tone slip on jazz oxfords or skin-tone turners. Hair must be pulled up completely off the dancer’s face and neck. For Adult/Teen Jazz/Hip Hop and Mini Jazz/Hip Hop/Acro, please use skin-tone slip on jazz oxfords or skin-tone turners for female dancers and black hip hop sneakers for male dancers.  NO STREET SHOES ARE ALLOWED, INCLUDING TENNIS SHOES.

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