National Honors Society for Dance Arts

Angela Floyd Schools has recently opened a Chapter of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts through NDEO (National Dance Education Organization). The mission of NHSDA is to recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students studying dance and foster an appreciation for dance as a true art form and one worthy of recognition and prestige. *See below for more information.

2019 Members

Ella Riehl
Leia Riehl
Breea Schoenthaler


  1. Dancers in grades 9-12 must achieve 30 points to be eligible for induction. Any combination of points may be used as long as the total is 30. Summer activities count towards points. Dancers in grades 6-8 must achieve 15 points to be eligible for induction.
  2. We will host an induction ceremony for all dancers who meet the 30/15 point minimum and submit those by  February 28, 2020. The induction ceremony will be held in the Spring 2020. Date and Time TBA
  3. Currently open to High School and Middle School students only.
  4. Forms are available at the front desk. (They can also be found on our web site)
  5. Membership is optional.


(All forms are at the front desk and can also be downloaded below.)

  1. Complete the pledge/induction form and return (with membership fee of $25) to Angela Floyd Schools by September 30, 2019.
  2. Track and record points on the Point System Tracking Summary using the NHSDA Point System guidelines (ask for this at the front desk or download below). Dancers must submit Summary and proof by  February 28, 2020 for Spring Induction.
  3. Graduating Seniors who are inducted will be charged for honor cords ($17.50) and pins ($8.50) separately.
  4. 2020 Induction Ceremonies – Dates and times: TBA

Visit Download Pledge Sheet, Point System and Point Tracking Summary.

Pledge Sheet
  • I pledge to continue my dance education while demonstrating teamwork, leadership, and a motivated spirit. I will work hard in school to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, and I will record my earned points towards induction honestly and accurately.
  • This form indicates your interest in joining the NHSDA chapter at Angela Floyd Schools. You will be eligible for induction once all requirements have been met and membership payment has been made.

    Membership Fee is $25 (includes induction certificate) Optional fees include $8.50 for an honor pin (any inductee) and $15 for an honor cord (seniors only)

    The induction ceremony will be held in Spring 2020- TBD
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.