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Music FunTime Preschool Program

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Music Information


All Instruments are included with the Music Fun Time Preschool Program!

Music Funtime
Preschool Music Education

AGES: 2-7
START DATE: Year Round
TUITION: $83.00 per month | $30.00/yearly registration fee

Music FunTime is the only true preschool music education program offered in East Tennessee. While other programs in Knoxville, Farragut, Bearden, Powell, Halls, and the surrounding areas offer fun/play oriented classes that incorporate music, Angela Floyd Schools is the only studio offering this comprehensive look at music as an educational tool that is innovative, fun for kids, engaging, and designed to access learning at the same level that it accesses fun and play.

Music FunTime is a multi level series for students ages 2-7 that incorporates music theory (teaching how to read staff music, rhythm, note values, time signature, etc.) and application (rhythm instruments, keyboard work, sing along, music appreciation, movement), while accessing learning through the “play” center (themed games, dance, accessible visual and auditory aids). It is a fantastic system predicated on the notion that condescending to children accomplishes nothing, but meeting them where they are gives them the wings to blossom.

This unique program prepares them for private music or instrument lessons, dance class, a long and storied school life that includes the arts, and provides students with the skill sets associated with productive classroom learning!