Steinway School Partner

Angela Floyd School for Dance and Music celebrates a new era of distinction and excellence at both of our Knoxville locations as we accept delivery of two Essex upright pianos and Boston grand piano designed by Steinway & Sons in New York from Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville.

This addition has placed Angela Floyd Schools in a class of its own as the only Steinway Performing Arts School in this area. Angela Floyd Schools demonstrate a commitment to excellence by providing their students and faculty with the best equipment possible for the study of music. Our students will benefit from the Steinway distinction not only in playing or performing to the level of excellence inspired by the Steinway instruments but also because the partnership with Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville reflects a commitment to a Steinway- approved program and to maintain their pianos in performance-quality condition. Additional benefits from this amazing delivery of pianos will include our dance program, as they will have the opportunity to train with a live pianist during class times.

“We are beyond excited to have been given this amazing opportunity to partner with the Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville. I know our students and staff are as thrilled as I am to have this incredible benefit to our program. This partnership will include the benefits of fabulous workshops by Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville not only for our students and staff but the Knoxville and surrounding community as well.” – Angela Floyd, Founder/Director

boston piano
essex piano