Angela Floyd Schools – Moscow Ballet Nutcracker

Welcome to the Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker page, hosted by Angela Floyd Schools.  Thank you for your participation in this wonderful adventure with us.  We will update schedules and times on this page moving forward.

AFS Founder/Director, Angela Floyd
AFS Children’s Rehearsal Coach, Karen Viets Email:
AFS Children’s Assistant to the Rehearsal Coach, Miss Madeline Reddick
AFS Nutcracker Ticket Assistant, Gretchen Sandidge Email:

December 11, 2019 NEW!!!!
Moscow Nutcracker Parents and Dancers,
The Moscow Ballet has contacted us to appear on the Alive at Five at Four show next Friday, Dec. 20th on WBIR.  I need all Party Kids from the 8pm show and Spanish Variation with Leia R. and Madison S. to arrive at AFS-North by 3:30pm. (This is a half day of school for Knox Co.)  Taping of the live show will be from 4-5pm.  Since this is live TV we will need to be prepared for their cues.  They want to showcase rehearsals of these two very important parts of the ballet.
Please have all dancers ready and in dress code as follows.Girls – Solid Black leotard, pink tights and hair in nice ballet bun.  Makeup isn’t required but some cheek blush and mascara would be nice, etc.  NO LIPSTICK!…..remember you need to look like children.Boys – Solid White t-shirt and black tights, leggings, or solid black warm up pants with hair pulled back in a ponytail if it’s long.
Parents, please respond to this email to let us know that your dancer will be there on Friday, Dec. 20th at AFS-North…dressed and ready to go.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your dancer’s journey,
Angela Floyd, Founder/Director

Both Shows, 4pm and 8pm will be video taped for you to purchase from Moscow Ballet.  Additional details to follow.

No Rehearsal Saturday, November 30. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend
We are so happy with the way rehearsals are going!! Your dancers are doing an amazing job and we want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication.

Just a reminder that we WILL NOT be having rehearsals this coming Saturday, November 30th. Our studios will be closed for Thanksgiving and wish you and your families a wonderful and restful break. Your dancer should have received a schedule for the upcoming December rehearsals which will resume on Saturday, December 7th. You will find a copy of this schedule below if you did not.

Also, there were some questions regarding the costume information that was passed along. The answers we have received are as follows:

1.) Regarding the white camisole wording – all camisoles should be camisole leotards.

2.) Regarding the location of buns – buns should be on the crown of the head.

If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Finally, if there are any parents that are interested in volunteering to help backstage, please email us your information and for which show (4pm or 8pm) you would like to assist with. We have a few that have already done so and we will be getting with you to verify that you are still interested. Please understand that if you volunteer, you will not be able to see the show during your volunteer slot. You will be backstage with the dancers and will not be allowed to leave until the show is over.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we will see everyone back on December 7th!

December 2019 Moscow Ballet Rehearsals

Saturday, December 14

Party Kids   1:30pm – 2:30pm

Snowflakes   2:30pm – 3:30pm

Snow Maidens and Snow Sprites   3:30pm – 4:00pm

Variations   4:00pm – 5:00pm

Mice   5:00pm – 6:00pm

Saturday, December 21, Rehearsals will start at 9:00AM!!!

Party Kids   9:00am – 10:00am

Snowflakes   10:00am – 11:00am

Snow Maidens and Snow Sprites   11:00am – 11:30am

Variations   11:30am – 12:30pm

Mice   12:30pm – 1:30pm


Moscow Ballet – Nutcracker Role Casts

Audition # Student Name Role Cast 1 Role Cast 2
1 Mackensie Thomas Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm
2 Emma Kate Kirkpatrick Party Kid – 4pm French Youth – 4pm
3 Meredith Pace Party Kid – 4pm Spanish Youth – 4pm & 8pm
4 Lauren Neal Chinese Youth – 4pm
5 Caroline Neal Party Kid – 4pm
6 Scarlett Munk Mice – 4pm
7 Adriana Silvestri Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm
8 Madison Irick Snow Flake – 4pm & 8pm
9 Lillee Elkens Snowflake – 4pm & 8pm
10 Sophia Botero Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm
11 Brianna Wishoun Party Kid – 8pm
12 Catherine Roovers Chinese Youth – 4pm
13 Felicity Gourley Mice – 8pm
14 Peyton Sandidge Snowflake – 4pm & 8pm
15 Brooklynne Enix Mice – 4pm
16 Maelee Walters Party Kid – 8pm
17 Olivia Elliott Party Kid – 4pm
18 Ella Fowler Party Kid – 4pm
19 Paulina Khmelev Mice – 4pm
20 Anna Laura Gilliom Party Kid – 8pm
21 Brooke Gilliom Russian Youth – 8pm Party Kid – 4pm
22 Brianna Booth Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm
23 Sophie Koch Party Kid – 8pm
24 Layla Crompton Party Kid – 4pm Russian Younger – 8pm
25 Laura Caldwell Mice – 4pm
26 Ian Haley Snowflake – 4pm Snow Sleigh – 8pm
27 Logan Haley Mice – 4pm & 8pm
28 Arwen Haley Snow Sprit – 4pm & 8pm
29 Lindsay Haley Snow Maiden 4pm & 8pm Russian Older 4pm & 8pm
30 Katelyn Seybold Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm
31 Breea Schoenthaler Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm Russian Older 4pm & 8pm
32 Jaelyn Fairchild Party Kid – 4pm Spanish Younger – 4pm & 8pm
33 Abby Chattin Party Kid – 8pm Snow Sprit– 4pm & 8pm
34 Bella Pointer Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm
35 Blaklyn Kyte Snow Sprit – 4pm & 8pm Party Kid – 8pm
36 Brianne Turner Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm
37 Lily Goodman Party Kid – 8pm
38 Addison Stanley Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm
39 Taylor Anderson French Youth – 8pm Party Kid – 4pm
40 Ava Grace Krager Snow Flake – 4pm & 8pm
41 Jennaleigh Akin Snowflake – 4pm & 8pm
42 Sophia Reagan French Youth – 4pm Party Kid – 4pm
43 London Preston Mice – 4pm
44 Caroline White Russian Youth – 4pm Party Kid – 4pm
45 Sophie Sughrue Snowflake – 4pm Snow Sleigh – 8pm
46 Valeska Hernandez Mice – 8pm
47 Chiannah Ruckart Party Kid – 4pm
48 Addison Dytrt Snowflake 4pm & 8pm
49 Ryleigh Howe Party Kid – 8pm
50 Elsie Green Party Kid – 4pm French Youth – 8pm
51 Elliana Locke Snowflake – 4pm & 8pm
52 Juliet Chaltry Party Kid – 8pm
53 Natalie Sinko Party Kid – 8pm
54 Julianne Sears Mice – 4pm
55 Jenna Sears Mice – 4pm
56 Veronica Bartholomay Mice – 8pm
57 Jillian Bivens Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm Russian Older – 4pm & 8pm
58 Leah Horda Chinese Youth – 8pm
59 Shelby Ann Pope Snowflake 4pm & 8pm
60 Bree Drinnen Mice – 8pm
61 Reagan Rousayne Mice – 8pm
62 Ella Riehl Russian Older 4pm & 8pm Snow Maiden – 4pm & 8pm
63 Mackenzie Gibbs Russian Youth – 4pm Mice – 4pm
64 Nicole Eisenhower Snowflake – 4pm & 8pm
65 Abigail Sampieri Snowflake 4pm & 8pm
66 Bella Sampieri Chinese Youth – 8pm Party Kid – 4pm
67 Addison Minor Snowflake – 4pm & 8pm
68 Isabella Veals Mice – 4pm
69 Rowan Unger Party Kid – 8pm Snow Sprit – 4pm & 8pm
70 Sophia Price Snowflake 4pm & 8pm
71 Jovie Raddon Party Kid – 8pm
72 Not Participating
73 Eden Elkins Mice – 8pm
74 Victor Viets Party Kid – 8pm
75 Nicholas Bien Party Kid – 8pm
76 Dorothy Bryant Mice – 8pm
77 Madison Sandidge Spanish Older – 4pm & 8pm
78 Leia Riehl Spanish Older – 4pm & 8pm
79 Mia Barnes Snowflake – 8pm Snow Sleigh – 4pm
80 Lyla Barnes Snowflake – 8pm Snow Sleigh – 4p