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Angela Floyd Schools
Angela Floyd has taken her passion for dance to a further extraordinary level with the Preschool Performing Arts Program. Our daughter, Rhiannon, began at age 3 in the inaugural class of 2015 and continued the following year. The stellar faculty provided goals, compassion, and confidence to not only perform on stage, but character development as well. The stimulating combination of dance, art, Music Fun Time, foreign language, and classroom curriculum created an environment that allowed our daughter to immensely flourish—she began Kindergarten exceeding expectations!
We are so thankful and blessed to still be a part of the AFS family, as it was an easy choice to continue weekly lessons. Rhiannon developed such a true love for music and dance by receiving the most exemplary training available for early childhood development; this concept has a major impact in the elementary educational system.
If you are looking for a unique, highly reputable, inspirational facility to maximize your child’s potential, the Preschool Performing Arts program is a decision you won’t regret!

Kyle and Kristi Sanchez
Angela Floyd Schools
Hi Angel,

I wanted to share some praise / feedback on Brianne Turner's experiences there at Angela Floyd.  First off, we want to compliment Ms. Carolyn.  Brianne absolutely loves her as her ballet and company teacher.  She loves the way she teaches and breaks the information down.  She loves how she's firm with them, but tender as well.  Brianne is dealing with some chaos in her class (at elementary school) this year, and it's been rather stressful for her.  But - she always says every Monday, "I'm so glad it's Monday and I have ballet tonight, it gives me something to look forward to."Brianne really does love all the teachers there at Angela Floyd.  She feels comfortable, and loves expressing herself through dance.  She struggles a bit with her weight, but she's never felt self conscience, or any different than the rest of the girls.  And being in company has helped her gain endurance, so it's helping her in many ways. So, we want to say thank you for the great instruction, staff, and atmosphere that you provide.  I know this is helping our daughter gain confidence, and creating wonderful memories and experiences.
PJ and Lisa Turner

Angela Floyd Schools
Our 8 year old daughter has been dancing at AFS for 5 years. She started out in ballet, but moved to Hip Hop as it better suited her personality. Her teachers have been wonderful to her throughout the years - working with her individually as well as in a class setting. She thrives on what she calls "The Big Stage" at the end of the year recital (which, by the way, is the best run recital in Knoxville - by far!). Our daughter has just started violin lessons at AFS as well and she is really loving it. So much so that she wants to continue with both dance and music. Our family sees this as both convenient and valuable to have both offerings in one place. There are hours to put in - for sure - but any good studio would require that. The flexibility in making up classes is appreciated as well. The staff knows our family and interacts with us whenever they have the opportunity. All of the above make this a great place for our daughter to experience, learn, and develop a long-term love for the arts. I highly recommend Angela Floyd Schools!
Angela Floyd Schools
Angela Floyd and the staff at AFS are the reason our 5 yr old daughter, Ellie, is in her fourth year of dance. When Ellie was born at 27 weeks gestation, my husband and I were worried she would not be able to participate in dance. By the grace of God, she is very fortunate to have no physical/mental delays.

My journey to find a dance studio began when Ellie turned 18 months old. I figured out very quickly that, when one lives in a rural area, studio choices are very slim. I managed to locate a few studios within about 20 minutes of our home, but I did not want to settle out of convenience. After much research, I decided to make the 1 hour drive to try AFS.

Let's just say that the last few years have been a learning experience. Both Angela and the staff are second to none. When my "new dance mom anxiety" kicked in, I struggled with bringing Ellie each week. I am pretty sure I, unnecessarily, stressed myself to the max the first year as I watched and over-analyzed everything. Some family members suggested that maybe Ellie was too young to dance. That was not the case for the staff at AFS.

I remember Ellie crying the first 3 classes. The fourth class was no different except that Angela was in the studio. Angela walked Ellie out to the lobby. She wanted to show Ellie that I was there and that I could see her on the monitor. Angela, patiently, waited for Ellie to calm down and then, together, they walked back to class.

The staff is very encouraging. I cannot sing enough praises about their professionalism. The ladies at the front desk are always ready to answer any questions I may have. More importantly, if they don't know the answer, they ask someone and get back to me. The teachers are very good with small children. Ms. Chandler has assisted in Ellie's previous classes. So, when Ellie found out Ms. Chandler was going to be her teacher this year, she was very excited. Ellie and I love AFS. We plan on staying for a long time. It is well worth the drive.
Angela Floyd Schools
Our son always liked dance and music. When he started his classes at AFS at age 5, we were a little bit concerned that he was the only boy in his class. But the staff and other dancers made him feel absolutely comfortable.

The annual spring concerts became a big event in our family: it’s very well organized, all dances, costumes and music are beautiful. The kids get really excited well before the concert itself! We also had couple years of AF Dance Company and it was great experience as well.

Generally speaking we find the AFS staff very helpful, attentive to details and nice. This year is our fifth at AFS and our son tried everything from ballet to hip hop and acro. All these years he was certainly making big progress in his dance.

We highly recommend this dance studio.
Angela Floyd Schools
We appreciate all the staff and instructors at AFDS. Everyone is friendly, professional and accommodating. Our daughter has taken ballet and tap lessons for nearly three years and has enjoyed it immensely--she'll be five this year. We just added an acro/tumbling class and she is having so much fun.

We are truly impressed with the level of education and attention given to each student. Due to a recent snow day, we as a class, were able to reschedule a make-up class on a different day other than our regular class time. This was an easy and simple process, and this really gave us a good feeling.

The dance recital is a well organized event from the moment of dress rehearsal drop-off, to the end of the recital. The result is a lovely production that has far exceeded our expectations. It really is breathtaking to see those girls (and guys) on stage in beautiful costumes doing what they love most...dancing. Our worries about security for our little ballerina were quickly put to ease. There was an organized sign-in process, then a company employee took our daughter with a group of other girls to their assigned room. We loved the security bands/tags used for pick up and felt our daughter was well cared for. The night of the recital the younger dancers are entertained with crafts, snacks and a magic show, so parents can sit back and enjoy watching the performance.

We definitely recommend this experience to anyone that is interested in enrolling their child in a top notch dance school where quality is job number one. You'll definitely receive your money's worth.
Angela Floyd Schools
My daughter has been a student at AFDS for 2 years now. She absolutely LOVES it! We look forward to ballet and tap practice each week and we're already anticipating her second recital this spring. The staff and instructors are friendly and professional. I feel as though they genuinely care for my daughter and look forward to seeing her in class just as much as we look forward to attending!
Angela Floyd Schools
The absolute best dance studio around! Recital performances are show stopping awesome! 🙂
Angela Floyd Schools
Absolutely AMAZING teachers and staff. The quality of instruction is second to none!!! If you are looking for a dance and/or music studio to call home, I highly recommend Angela Floyd Studios!
Angela Floyd Schools
This company is VERY organized. With my older daughter (now in college), we had been in three other dance schools, so I know how most dance schools are. I don't know how Angela Floyd does it, but everything runs so smoothly, from dance classes beginning and ending exactly on time, to their automatic payment system, picture day, online registration, and the way you pay for the recital costumes during the first three months through their automatic payment system. Everything is just so easy for us as parents. What amazes me most is that the recital rehearsals and the recital seems to run themselves. The students seem to know what they are doing and where to go and what is expected of them. Parents are not needed to assist.
Angela Floyd Schools
Our experience at Angela Floyd Schools for Dance and Music has been fantastic. During my daughter’s first year of dance, she had so much fun while learning a beautiful art form! She even learned the french terminology to go with the ballet movements she was doing! “Look Mommy, this is my pase`…look Mommy, this is my arabesque” – it was amazing to watch her progress during the year. And she loved being a part of the Spring Concert – what a wonderful event – what a wonderful night for all of us! She is so excited to start the new year in dance. We can’t wait for all of the wonderful things to come at Angela Floyd!
Angela Floyd Schools
Ashley (age 16) has danced at this studio for ten years. We were looking for a studio that was well rounded an provided many performance opportunities. Ashley is a member of The Knoxville Jazz Company and Angels Kickline. She practically lives at the studio. The thing that impresses me most is their commitment to their students. The take each dancer and try to challenge them no matter what level they have reached. They respect their individual talents and strengths and guide them accordingly. While the girls work hard, the instructors continue to keep it fun. The enjoyment factor is so important when working with children. Angela Floyd School for the Dancer is an excellent place to learn and enjoy the art of dance.
Angela Floyd Schools
My family moved to the Knoxville area a year and 1/2 ago. One of the things we decided to do upon moving here was enroll our 3 year old in dance classes. We began calling and visiting almost every studio in the Knoxville area to research where we wanted our daughter to attend. It was during this process that we first encountered your studio.

Our first impression of how the phone was answered was initially what earned our business. The person we initially spoke with at your studio was more professional, courteous, and informative than any studio we contacted. This phone call was just the beginning of our wonderful experience we have had with your studio during our daughter’s first year with you. Week after week, we are continuously impressed by the level of excellence in your day to day operations, the professionalism of your staff, the events that you organize and execute, and the overall positive experience our daughter has had.

We currently live in the Straw Plains area of Knoxville which is on the far east side of town. Your studio has made such an impression on my family and I that we choose to drive 25 miles every week from our house to your studio, passing up every other dance studio in town along the way!

Thank you for all that you do! We look forward to seeing you again in the fall!
Angela Floyd Schools
My girls have danced at Angela Floyds for many years now and they continue to enjoy dancing due to the dedicated and talented instructors here. We have also enrolled in the music progrm and both girls love going to their guitar lessons. The skilled musicians and dancers here have instilled a love for music and dance in both of my daughters. We have always felt so comfortable at the studio and continue to be impressed with the courteous and knowledgeable staff here. I am so thankful that we have been a part of such a great studio and I highly recommend Angela Floyd Schools to any one seeking the ideal environment for their dancer or musician. What ever age or ability, they are sure to shine!
Angela Floyd Schools
My daughter Jaye has been dancing at Angela Floyd Schools for almost 6 years. She really fell in love with dance after she joined AFS and completely committed to dance instead of swimming and tennis. Over the years, she has progressed from taking dance lessons, joining AFDC, to dancing for both AFDC and the Webb high school dance team. Dance has become a huge part of Jaye’s life on the top of being an honors student. She enjoys the art of dance, the friendship with her fellow dancers, and the talent, patience, and guidance of her teachers. We are so grateful to Angel and Keri at AFDC, and Susie, her dance coach at Webb, for their constant efforts to work out coordinated schedules whenever a conflict arises.

It is a challenge to follow her passion as a jazz/ballet dancer going to competitions with AFDC as well as a high school dancer cheering and performing jazz/pom/hiphop routines at her school’s basketball games, but with the support from her teachers, coaches, and fellow dancers at AFDC and Webb, she is able to pull it together. We greatly appreciate it.
Angela Floyd Schools
I have spent the morning going through 700 emails from the last few years. Yes, ok, just got lazy in deleting emails I guess! haha But I have smiled so many times running across emails from fellow dance moms (and dads!) where we have shared pictures and videos and coordinated carpools and dinners and parties. I just can’t help but be so happy that my girls have such a supportive group of friends and their parents. I’m already counting down the days till our girls are in the studio daily again. I think we have a phenomenal group of company dancers. For 12 years, either in dance or gymnastics, I have had to play on both sides of the fence, as a parent and a teacher, and I’ll say that the parents of AFS have treated me the best!

No matter what, there’s always drama in life, but I’ve watched us pull together. Next year will not be an exception! I already see the excitement growing on the teachers’ side as well. I can’t wait to watch our girls grow and rock their practices and their performances next year!
Angela Floyd Schools
While I know that AFDC is a dance company it is really more than that. It is a group of girls and young ladies who love dance but they also love each other. I wish you could have seen those girls at the swimming pool. From girls who dance on the Sr company to those from Mini, they were laughing and playing with each other like the family they have become. They care for each other and glow when some of them win and love to watch each other dance and cheer each other. They are truly a dance family with a large group of parents to watch over them. AFDC is knowing that your child can go home with another child or go swimming or to dinner and know that your child is safe because you know the type of parent that is watching over them. It’s knowing that older girls on the company are the type girls you want you daughter to be when she gets older. It’s knowing that if can’t pick up or take your daughter to class or a special practice, that another parent will have your back. This is just some of the things I think about when AFDC comes up and should be shared with new parents and members of the company. Yes AFDC is a commitment but you get so much more than just ribbons and trophies, you get lifetime friends and we get to make friends with the greatest parents in the world!
Just wanted to let you know about the part of AFDC you know exists but don’t get to see very often!