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Discover Dance and Music Days at Angela Floyd Schools

Discover Dance and Music Days with Angela Floyd Schools.  This complimentary event will give you an inside look into both our dance and music curriculum.  Let us show you why over 6600 families have chosen us as their Performing Arts School since 1997.

Secure your spot now at or by calling 675-9894 West or 947-9894 North.

Why wait to try a class after school starts, with these Discover Dance and Music Days you can get in from the beginning and be ready to go before the first class even starts this fall.  From ages 2 and up we offer both dance and music for everyone.

In addition, we have a Preschool Performing Arts Program that includes all of the dance and music curriculum plus academics and more.

Kristi Sanchez
Angela Floyd has taken her passion for dance to a further extraordinary level with the Preschool Performing Arts Program. Our daughter, Rhiannon, began at age 3 in the inaugural class of 2015 and continued the following year. The stellar faculty provided goals, compassion, and confidence to not only perform on stage, but character development as well. The stimulating combination of dance, art, Music Fun Time, foreign language, and classroom curriculum created an environment that allowed our daughter to immensely flourish—she began Kindergarten exceeding expectations!
We are so thankful and blessed to still be a part of the AFS family, as it was an easy choice to continue weekly lessons. Rhiannon developed such a true love for music and dance by receiving the most exemplary training available for early childhood development; this concept has a major impact in the elementary educational system.
If you are looking for a unique, highly reputable, inspirational facility to maximize your child’s potential, the Preschool Performing Arts program is a decision you won’t regret!