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Mermaid Acrobatic Workshop

Mermaid Acrobatic Workshop

Join us in this magical mermaid acro workshop!  Grab your fin and let’s do some tricks!  You MUST PURCHASE your own fin for the class.  Please leave plenty of time for it to arrive in the mail. Sample Mermaid Tail to order: ...

Acrobatics Workshop

Join us for this awesome Acro Workshop with Miss Meghan at AFS West 12-1pm for ages 3-5 $19.00 per student and 1-2:30 for ages 6+ $28.00 per student.  Secure your spot today at www.angelafloydschools.com

Are you registered? Calling all tumblers in Knoxville and the surrounding areas….secure your spot at www.angelafloydschools.com or by calling 675-9894 today!...