Angela Floyd Schools Virtual Studio
Bringing the Magic Home to You!

You may be away from the studio, but you can still work at home with the tools below! We are always here to motivate and train our artists to progress and grow as dancers and musicians, even during this temporary situation. You will find all kinds of material on this site: from your weekly classes to bonus exercises and materials. Parents and siblings are more than welcome to get involved! Our goal is to keep you busy, positive, learning, and coming together as a family during this weather related closure. We will be uploading new content regularly, so keep checking back! Send us videos too! We would LOVE to give you individual feedback on things you can work on while doing these exercises and classes. Just email them to

Interact With Us On Facebook!

While we are all missing our AFS family, we want to connect with you as much as we possibly can! We will be issuing daily challenges on Facebook/Instagram each day while the studio is physically closed. These will be prompts encouraging you to get creative and helping AFS come together as a community.

We Are Still Here For You!

The AFS Office Staff remains on call at this time to assist you with anything you need! If you have technical difficulties with the weekly classes or just need some positivity in your day, give us a call or text at 865-675-9894.

Bonus Dance Lessons & Exercises
Spring Concert Dances
Weekly Music Classes
Bonus Music Lessons & Exercises
Just For Fun
Disclaimer: Always use good judgment when dancing outside of your regular studio classroom. Please take care to clear adequate space in your home or practice area before attempting movements, remove any household items or any environmental factors that could potentially harm you or those around you. Angela Floyd Schools is not liable for any injuries or claims of negligence sustained from voluntarily participating in online virtual instruction.