Weekly Music Classes

We are so excited to continue our weekly dance and music lessons via video conference! Your class will meet at the same day and time as regularly scheduled, unless you are contacted by the office otherwise. You will receive an email from our staff with instructions to log-in. However, simply sign in to the Parent Portal from our website and click on your student’s link for access to the class.  If your musician has more than one class a week, there will be a link in your Parent Portal for each class.  Please join your class several minutes before it is scheduled to start.

If you need to miss a class, it’s no problem! Please just let us know ahead of time so we can notify the instructor. As usual, they will send you a digital make-up lesson for you to work on at home. You will also find a multitude of resources under Bonus Music Lessons and Exercises. We encourage you to take this extra time at home to amp up your practice schedule and maybe even try out a new instrument!

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